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About us | Infinitum Mobile

About us

Infinitum Mobile is a modern Dutch company that responds to the growing importance of smartphone usage. There has been a shift regarding Internet usage as a result of the increasing importance of smartphones in our daily lives. Initially, the computer was most commonly used to access the internet, however this has now been overtaken by smartphones. Mobile Internet usage has led to new developments in web design. Today we also need to consider how our websites look like on a smartphone.

Meeting today’s new standards.
A website needs to look good when visited from a mobile phone. Otherwise smartphone users will simply ignore your website. More and more companies are beginning to realize this and adapt to mobile in order to reach these smartphone users.

A decent mobile website.
Infinitum Mobile provides a neat mobile site that takes into account the different behaviour of smartphone users, known as often on the move and in a rush. Our mobile websites are designed as easy as possible equipped with clear navigation buttons and handy icons such as Click- to-Call, Google Maps, Email and Social Media buttons.

Complete service.
We try to make it as easy and transparent as possible by only charging a one-time fee and providing access to our user-friendly CMS so you can easily manage your own website without needing to depend on others. Besides Dutch, we offer our CMS and customer service in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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