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Reach mobile users with a mobile friendly website | Infinitum Mobile

Why go mobile?

More and more (potential) customers browse the internet using a mobile device. Mobile users have different needs in comparison with computer users browsing the Internet. Somebody browsing the Internet via a smartphone conducts a targeted search, mobile visitors are typically local, and on the move. On the other hand, a computer is used when wanting to surf the web nice and easy.

A full website is known to have a lot of difficulties displaying the website on a smart phone properly. Mostly the full website appears all messy and unclear, difficult to read, involving a lot of scrolling. This is at the expense of effective communication, leading to problems trying to reach the Internet user. A mobile friendly website takes away this problem and is specifically designed for those mobile Internet users. A mobile friendly website is optimized for smartphone usage and comes with various advantages. Nowadays having a mobile friendly website is a must.

Answering the question ” Why go mobile? “ is pretty easy. The importance of a mobile friendly website is huge considering that nearly 90% of the people who possess a smartphone use their device on a daily basis. Furthermore, there has been an increase in mobile searches of 400%, just since 2010. After an online search, 68% visits the company they have found (either online or in the store). Looking at these numbers, having a mobile friendly website is absolutely essential.

  • User friendliness. A mobile website is a lot more user friendly for the mobile internet users. The mobile device user won’t need to zoom in or out since a mobile website is designed to improve the user’s mobile experience. An optimized and organized lay-out is one of the key features in a mobile friendly designed website. It’s all about making the mobile user’s experience just a lot more pleasant.

  • Faster load time. A mobile friendly website will load a lot faster than the full website on a smartphone. A normal desktop website contains heavier graphics in comparison with a mobile-friendly website. Both when using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Knowingly avoiding heavy Flash and Java elements is one of the reasons why a mobile friendly website will load faster than a desktop website.
  • Reach. A mobile website is accessible from every smartphone with an Internet connection. As it is platform-independent, a mobile friendly website will only need to be developed just once. A one time investment for an optimal reach.

  • Selective information awareness. A mobile website is focused on speed and clarity. A mobile website is designed to point out the most important information and disregarding other redundant information. A mobile website is created to fit the smaller screen size of a smartphone.
  • Call-to-action. A smartphone user behaves different from a desktop user. When a smartphone user visits your website, this done with a purpose, a willingness to take action. Quickly looking up your phone number, email address or your location.

    As smartphone users are often on the road they won’t intensively browse through your website and read every single word. Often depending on a 3G connection it is absolutely that everything is ordered as easy and logical as possible. We thought of this by including the handy click-to-call, Google maps, email, and social media icons. One click on these icons and you’ve got your clients going.

» What does this actually look like? Check out a few mobile website examples.