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Mobile website FAQ | Infinitum Mobile

Mobile website FAQ

To be sure everything is clear, a number of frequent asked question’s have been listed.
In case of any other questions or suggestions we are more than glad to hear them from you.

Will Infinitum Mobile really not charge any additional fees?
No, it’s a one-time fee only. After having delivered the website it’s all yours and you’ll be able to manage your mobile website via the easy-to-use online admin tool.

What is the difference between a mobile website and a normal desktop website?
A mobile website is specifically designed for smartphone users. Desktop websites are for computer users. Mobile internet users browse the Internet with a different purpose than computer users.

Mobile websites are optimized and adjusted to fit the smaller screen sizes of a smartphone. Operating the touchscreen by using fingers has been taken into account as well. The navigation menu and buttons are adjusted in order to facilitate this. The content is made suitable for online smartphone usage emphasizing ease and speed.

Is a mobile website the same as a mobile application?
No it’s not. A mobile application needs to be installed on the smartphone whilst a mobile website can be opened in the browser. Mobile apps are platform-specific and will cost time and money to get it updated. Your mobile website can be modified with the admin tool, without any additional charges.

Do I need a mobile website?
Yes, you probably do. In order to fully reach all Internet users you can’t miss out on a mobile website for the smartphone users. Smartphone users have become the largest group of Internet users. So don’t be late.

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What are the benefits of a mobile website for my clients?
Visitors who access a full website on their smartphones complain about how much time and data is required to load the site and how hard it is to find the information they need. Most will abandon the website and look for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly website.

Will my full website still be accessible via a smartphone?
Yes, it’ll still be accessible. Normally a smartphone user will be redirected automatically to the mobile version of the website. Nevertheless, the mobile website visitor will still have the option to choose to view the full desktop website. There’s a link available offering this option.

Where will the mobile website be hosted?
Hosting will take place under your own webhosting account. Hereby everything will remain under your control, avoiding being depedent on third parties. The mobile website will be hosted under a subdomain, for instance m.yourwebsite.com. In nearly all cases webhosts don’t charge anything for setting up a subdomain. Normally it’s free.

How will I know that the smartphone user is redirected to the mobile website?
Infinitum Mobbile integrates a redirect code detecting whether the Internet user is accessing the mobile website via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Can I maintain the mobile website myself?
You sure can, you will receive your login details for the online admin tool. You’ll be able to make changes yourself. The online admin tool is very user friendly and doesn’t require any technical skills. You’ll only need an Internet connection in order to access the admin tool.

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