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Get your mobile website including many features | Infinitum Mobile

Mobile website features

A mobile website by Infinitum Mobile comes with various interesting features.
Address smartphone users as well, with a mobile website.
Our must have mobile website features:
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  • One-time fee. That’s all. A website including the most important mobile website features for a one-time fee only. Meaning, no maintenance fees or no subscription fees.
  • Admin tool. Your website under your management with the simple CMS tool. Therefore you won’t be depending on other in order to have your mobile website updated.
  • Full compatibility. Compatible with all smartphones and platforms including Android, iPhone (iOs), Windows, and Blackberry.
  • Unlimited amount of pages. We only charge a one-time fixed fee, regardless of the amount of pages.
  • Click-to-call. Enables you to include a clickable phone number so your customers can call you straight away.
  • Social media. Share your Facebook or Twitter page.
  • SEO Optimized. Include your meta tags for each page making them SEO optimized and ready for internet marketing.

  • QR Code. Use your scannable QR code to refer to your marketing campaign or mobile website.
  • Find us. Allows the visitor to get your directions with Google Maps.
  • Video. Share videos via the Youtube option.
  • Image Gallery. Include a product image gallery or show other photos.
  • About us. Create a page telling more about your activities.
  • Products. Describe your product range or present your newly launched products by including a product page.
  • Site redirect. Automatic detection whether your visitor is using a mobile phone or a computer.
  • Full website. Giving your visitors the option to also view the desktop website.

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