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Your own mobile website for an affordable price | Infinitum Mobile

Mobile website price

“It’s rather common to charge a mobile website price depending on the amount of pages, to charge monthly subcription fees, or to charge maintenance fees for website modifications.”

Different approach mobile website price

“Let’s give it a different twist”, was what we thought at Infinitum Mobile.

Infinitum Mobile likes clearness and only charges a one-time fee. Infinitum Mobile distinguishes itself by doing so.

A mobile website for a one-time price of € 260,= / $ 304.= * .
+ just a one-time fee, that’s all.
+ no monthly subcription fees, your mobile website is really yours.
+ no additional costs for the usage of the online admin tool.
+ no other service costs.
+ no maximum amount of pages or costs depending on the number of pages.
+ no other restrictions such as advertising or maximum amount of pageviews.

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